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The Preface. ever grow tofukh an overweening of themfelves, and overvaluing their own underfiandings, as to obtrude fo palpable and odious a wickcdnels upon Parliaments fo confidently , and to take themfor Traytors that will not be Traitors, or grofly difobedient againg the Lord ? Self-denyal would cure theft peremptory demands and teach men to be more fufficious of their own anderftand- ings. 12. Lafily, Otferve but how difficult a thing it is ,. to keel Peace ( as in families and neighbourhoods) fo in Chutcbe4 and Common-wealths; and judge by this of mens felf-denyal. Husbands and wives, brothers and filters, matters and fervants, live at variance, and all through the confills that arife between their contrary felf-interefts. Ifa kaft do but trefpafs on a neigh- bours grounds ; if they be but affeffedfor the State, orpoor above their expectations ; if in anyway of trading their commodity be croft. ; you fhall quickly fee where fell. bears Rule. This makes it fu ;iiffi c tilt a work to kfep the Churches fromDivifions. Fewmen: are l'enfitleof the Univerfal Intereft, becaufe they are captivated to their OWn Andtherefore it is that men fear not to makepar- ties and divilions in the Church andwill tear it in pieces to fa- tus e their iirerelf cr felfifh zeal : Hence it is that Parties are to muchmultiplied, and keep up the buckler againg others, be- caufe that felfiftinefs makes all Partial. Hence it is that people fall&f fromth:ir Paffors, or lifefall out with them , when they are croft- in their opinions, reprovedfor theirfins, or called to con- fefs.Or make refiitution; and perhaps that they may facrilegiottfly defraud the Church of Tythes or other payments that are due. Hence it isalfo that membersfo oftfallout witkone another., for foul work, or di/Terence., of judgement, or form point or other of felfrintereft Nayfometimes about their veryfeats in-the placeof Worfhip ; while every man is for hirnfelf, , the Minifiers can hardly keep them inCharity andPeace. And id any of this agreeable to 614r holy Ruleand Pattern ? Ni) man can thinkfathat hath read the-Golfrel,hur he that isfoblind- ed by felfifhnels as not to underfland.What makes againfi it. And' here, befides what is largelyer fpoken after, let me tell cof few of the evils of this fin, and she contrary benefits of The