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The Preface. Chrifl beformed in the preciousfouls that they travail in birth with (fo their Lives be not rncre hurtfulby anycontrary mifchief, which death only can reftrain, which is not to befappofed ofMel, men ) yet all this feems nothing to a felfifh Perfecutor , that re- gards not Chrifts intereft in comparifan of his own. Self great Tyrant and Perfecutor of the Church. i0. Obferve lfo how few they be that fatisfie their fouls in Gods Approbation, though they are mif-judged and vilified by the world and howfew that rejoyceat the proftmrity of the Glel, though themfelves be in Adverfity moft men muff needs have the Hypocrites reward, Match. 6. 2. evenfame commenda- tionfrom men : and toofew arefully pleated with his eye that feeth infecret, and will reward them openly, Match. 6. 4, 6. And hence it that injurious cenfures and hard words do go r, near them, and they makefogreat a matter of them. Thofe times de feembefi to ielfifh men, which are meflfor them : If they pro- ffer , and their party proJjier, though moft of the Church _Mould be a later by it,they will thinktbat it is a bleffed time :.But if the Church profiler, andnot they, but any fiffering. befall them, they take on au if the Church did fland or fall with them. Self-in- tereft is their meafure , by which they judge of times and things. I I. obfervealfo how eagerly men are let to have their Owit wills take place in publick bufineffes and to have their own opinions to be the Rule for Church and Common-wealth and then judge by this of their felf-denyal. Were not felf predo- minant, there would not be loch ftriving who Amid Rule , an4 whofe will *old be the Law : but men would think that others were as likely to.Rule with Prudence andHonegy as they. How eager is the Papift tohave his way by an Vnivcrfal Monarch ? How eager are others for one Ecclefiaftical National Head ? How eager are the Popular partyfor their way ? and the Mo- narchicalfor theirs ? as if the welfare of all did lie in their fcveral modesof Government. Andfo confidently do the Liber- tines /peakfor theirs , that they beginnow to make, motions that our Parliament-men (hall be hanged or beheaded as Traytors, if any fhould make a motion in ( a free ) Parliament, againft the General Liberty which they defire. Wonderful ! that men Amid ( g) ever