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The Preface. - , them DoElrina lly to deny, that God is theultimate Endof man, and to be Lovedfor himfelf , andabove ourfelvei andall things.; but only ( theyfay ) he is our finis cujus velrei to be loved amore con cupifcenttx : In a word, it is this woful principle that bath corruptedDottrine, Difcipline andWoribip,in fo many of the Churches. 3 . Wefhall never have Peace in Church or Common-wealth, while felfifhnefs bears flay. Every mans Intertft will be pre- ferredbefore the publickInterefl, and rifeagainft it as oft (which will be oft) as they leen; inconfifient. This is the Vice that in- formethTyrannie ; whether it he Monarchic, Ariflocracie , or bemocracie, it is corrupted intoTyrannie when felfifh Intereff is preferred before the Common Intereft. This makes ourpeople think, themfelves too wife or toogood tolearn, or to be guidedby their Paftors, and every man ( of this 'train )feenrs wife enough to leadoff a party of the Church into a mutiny againft the Pa- ors and the ref. This makes the labours of Reconcilers unftsc- eefsful, while lelfifhnefs engagethfo many wits, and tongues,and pens, and parties, again( the molt necelary equal terms , and en- cleavours of fuckas would Reconcile. Were itnot for thefe felfifh men, how loon wouldall our rentsbe healed ? how loon Would a/I ohr wars be ended ? and all our heart-burning?: and malicious op- pofitiont be turned into charitable confultationsfor anholy peace If once men werecarriedabove thernfelves they would meet in God tbeCenter of Unity.. 4. It isforwant of felf-denyal that We undergofo many Ara appointments , and fuller fo much clifirsietment and vexation. Were our wills more entirely fubjeged to thewill of God, fo that his will were preferredbefore our own, we fko toldLeft in his wig, andhave no contradictory defires to be difappointed and no mat- ter leftferfelf-vexation. Had We no difeafe we ,Mouldfeel no pain and it isour felf-will rebellingagainft the Will of God that is our difeafe. Self-denyal removeth all the venom from our hearts : Perfecution, andpoverty , and ficknef.c may touch our fled, but the heart is fortified fo far as we have this Grace. 0 how happily cloth it quiet and calm the mind , when things befall us that would evendi.graa a felfifh man ! 0 happyfoul , where 47.2.(;1 Sell is Nothing ! There Doty , and Love , and. "°Y.