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The Preface. Toy are all, and trouble anddifirefs is nothing ; Thefe are not our matters no* ; Partlybecaufe weareabove them, andpartly becaufe they belong not to our care, but to his Providence. Let SIS doour Duty andadhere to bim, and let him difirofe of is as he feesmeet. Who would muchfeara Tyrant or any other enemy thatfawGodand Glory , which faith can fee ? Did we fee the glorious Throne of Chrifl, wefhouldbe fofarfrom trembling at the bar of Perfecutors that we /Auldfcarce fo much regard them astoanfwer them; the infiniteGlory wouldfopotently divert our minds. As we fcarce hearken to our children impertinent babblings ,When we are taken up with great affairs . f o if a Ty.: 'rant talkto to of hanging or imprifomnent , fhould fcarce hearken tofueh trivialimpertinencies , were We fo far above our felves, as FaithandLovefirould advance thefoul. Ihavefarther fliewedyou in thefollowing Treatife , how ferf- denyal difableth all Temptations ; how it conduceth to all emi- nent works of Charity, but effrecially to the fecret works of the fincere : It ef abfolute neceffity to falvation : It is the thing that hypocrites are condemnedfor Want of : It is they wifdorn of thefoul, as being theonly rv,ty to our ownfecurity : And it is the &line's and jtsflie of the Jul e ( as it is conjunct with the Love of God) in that it refivrah to God his con : The excellency of Grace is reamfefiedinfelf-denyal. To do or fuller fuch little things as fell knot much again. ianothing : But to be Nothing in ourTaves, andGod to be our All, and to clofe Withourfirg and titled End, this is the nature of Sanaification. Abu, poor England (and mere then England, even all thy- Chrifitim world) into What confofion and miferybath feltifh- nefs plunged thee !' Intohow ra, ny pieces art thou broken,becaufe that every hypocrite bath a feif to hehis principle and end , and forfi kes the true Vniverfal End ! 1-foVo vain are our words to' Rulers, to Souldiers, to Rich and Poor, While we calrupon them to Deny themfelves ! AndmugWe lofe our tabour ? and mug the Nation lofe its peace andhopes ? Is there no remedy' , but felfilhnefs msfl undoall ? Iffo, be it known toygo, the principal' lots 'hall beyour own; and infeeking yourfafety, liberty', Wealth and glory,you /hall tofe themall , and fall into mifery, flavery and difdain. Deny your felves , or Cave your felves ifyou can. (g 3) ,