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AMM.,MtttiMMAMOB THE CONTENTS, Hap.. T. of the Nature of felfifhnefs , as oppo- /ite to God:, invading hisprerogative in ten particulars; p. I Chap. 2. Reafons of the Neceffity of Self-. denyal, p.21 Chap. 3. life A general complaint of the prevalency ofLelfifhnefs, p. 27 Chap. 4. The prevalency of' felfribnefs in all Relati- ons. P.,33 Chap. 5. The power of felfiAnefs apon .mentopinions in Reli- gion, P. 40' Chap. 6. Mensgreat averfnefs to cofily or troy blefoin Duties , p. 43. Chap. 7 . Mens tendernefs of Self in cafes -of' any fpfering P. 49 Chap. 8. Thepartiality of men: 7udgenlent in their Own cafes, p. 5o. Chap.