Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

The Preface. God is not engaged to take care of you, or preferve you, ifyou willbeyour oWn, andwill be refervingor favingyourfelvesfrom him. And thoughyou may teem to profiler in feif-feeking wales theywill end, yeaJhortly end, in yourconfufion. Tout have feenof lateyears in this Land, the Glory of Self-feekers turned to fbame. But itsgreater fhame thats oat of fight. The word and works of Godhave Warnedyou. If yet theCattfe and Church of Godmall he negleEled, and your felves andyour own affairs preferred, and men thatXIInot be tolerated toabkfe you , fbail be Tolerated to abufe the foulsof men, and the Lord that made them ;and ifGod muft be denied, becaufeyou willnotdeny yonr 'elves, jot'Anilbe denyed by Chrtyl. , in yourgreat extremity, when the remem- brance of thefe things fhall be your torment. Hearken and Amend or preparejour anfweri or behold the 7udge at the door.