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what Selffinefs and Self-denial are s at the Root. affairs : when ifhe had committed himfelf to God, and been facisfied in his Wildom, Love, and Power, all had been kept fare and found,and man had not been loft, nor his date thus fhatte red and overthrown. And therefore the retlerning fe If-denying convert is brought to an utter difiroft of himfelf, and refolved hereafter to craft himfelf upon nothing "below Al-fufficiency and Infinite Love. He is fo offended with himfelf for his former Pelf-deftruaion,and for uhloing himfelf fo foolifhly,that he calls hicufelf to account and into judgement for it, and condemneth himfelf as a Traycor to God, and a gurderer ofhimfelf, and will no more be in the hands of fo treacherous a delinquent : But as the eyes ofa fervatic are on the hand of his Mafler,fo are his eyes on God for all fupplies. And this is the part of the work of the fpirit of Adoption, who teacheth us to cry Abbe, Father ; and as Children, not to be very careful! for our felves, but to run to our Father in all our wants, and tell, him what we Rand in need ofand beg relief : and to be carefeellfor nothing bat in every thing by prayer with ftapplicationand thankgiving to make known onr relnefis to God, Phil.4.6. And this acquiefcence of the foul in the love of God, is it that keepeth our hearts and minds in that Peace of God which paffeth underflanding, ver. 7. fo chat the more felf-denyal, the lefs is a man dependant on him- felf, or troubled with the cares ofhis own prefervation : and the more loth he call himfelf on God, and is careful' to pleafe him that is his true Prefer ver, and then quieteth and refteth his mind in his Al-fufficiency and infinite wifdom and love ; and fo is a racer dependant upon God. 7. Moreover ;. It is the Prerogative of God as abfolute Owner of us, to be the foleDifpfer of man and ofall the other creatures and to choofe them their condition, and give them their feveral Talents , and determine of the events of all their affairs, as pleafeth himfelf; And innocent man was contented with this order, and well pleafed that God fhould be the abfolute Difpofer of him and all. But when man turned fromGod to felt, he prefentlydefired to be.the Difpofer of himfelf ; and not of himfelfonly, but ofall the creatures withinhis reach. How fain would felfilb corrupted men be the choofer of his own condition ? His will is againft the C 3_ wilt