Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

14 what Selfithnefs andSelf-denyal are ; at theRoot. will of God, and he ufually difliketh Gods difpofal. If he had the matter in his own hands, almoft nothing fhouldbe as it is;but fo cross would they be to God that all things would be turned upfidedown : If it were at their will, there's fcarce a poor man but would be. Rich : and fcarce a Rich man but would be richer The Servant wouldbe Mailer:The Tenant would be a Landlord: The Husbandman and Tradefman would be aGentleman: theLa- bourer would live an caller life His houfe fhould be better : his cloathing should be better;his fare fhould be better:his Provition fhouldbe greater,his credit or honour with men fhould be-more; the Gentleman would be a Knight, and the Knight a Lord, and the Lord would be a King, and the King would be more Abfo- lute and have a larger Dominion : Nay every man would be a King, and learn the do&rine of the Jews, and many of this age among us, to expeft that the world should be ruled by them; and they fhould reign as Lords and Princes in the earth. If it were with fe/fifh men as they would have it, there's fcarce a man that would be what-he is, nor dwell wherehe doth, nor live at the rates that now he livethat. The weak would be alwayes flrong ; and the fick would be well and alwayes well ; and the old wouldbe young again,andnever mile the infirmities ofage; and if they might live as long as they would, I think there's few ofthe unfanetfied that would ever die , nor look after heaven as long as they could live on earth. 0 what a brave life fhould I bave,thinks the felfifh unfanetified wretch, if I were but whol., ly at my ownDifpofal, and might be what I wouldbe, and have what I would have ! What would men give for such a life as this? Had they but their own wills, they would think themfelves the happiell men on earth : that is , if they could be delivered from the will of God, and be from under his difpofal, and get the reins into their ownhands ! Nay this is not all but the felfilh perfon would be the dif- pofer ofall the world within. his reach, as well as of himfelf. He would have Kingdoms at his difpofe,and all things carryed according to his Will : He would have all his neighbours have a dependance upon him ;, Very bountifully he wouldbe , if he were the Lordofall : For he would be the great Benefador of the world , and have all men beholden to him, and depend upon