Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

What S effilhnefs aidSelf:denial are; 16 8. Moreover it is the high Prerogative of God to be the Soveraign Ruler of the world ; to makeLaws for them, which muft be obeyed ; and to reward the obedient, and punifh the difobedient. God is Kingof all the earth ; even Kingof Kingf, and Lord of Lords ; and all (hail obey him, or be judged by him for their difobedience. But fin turned man into a Rebel againff Heaven, and a tor to t his Maker : fo that now thefelp unfandified man liked; Gods Government, at leaf' in the particulars, and would Governhimfelf. The Law of God contained in his Word and Works he murmurs at as too obfcure, or too precife and firica for him. He finds that it crofteth his Carnalintereft, and (peaks not good of him but evil, and therefore he is againa it as fup- poling it to be againft him and his plea lure, profit, and honourin the world. If men had but the Government of themfelves, what a difference would there be between their way and -Gods ? If corrupt unfandified felfifh man might make a Law for him- (elf in Read of the Word of God, what a Law would it be ? and how much of the Lawof God fhould be repealed ? If fin- ners might make a Scripture, you fhould find in it" no fuch pal- (ages as thefe, L Except a man be Converted, or born again, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of heaven wit'ont Holizefs none fball fee God.] If/elf might make Laws, pufhould not read in them [If ye live after the fleA ye fhall iie ; but if by the Spirit ye mortefie the deeds of the body, ye Pall ive jNor fhould you there find, that the Gate is firait, and the 71y is narrow that leads to life, and few there be that find it ; or at the righteosed are fcarcely faved] Asall the Scripture is not for Holinefs, and againft Prophanefs, Ungodlinefs,andSenfuaiy if.,[eifhad the framing of it, it fhould all bechanged, and it'lould at leaft /Peak peace to flefhly-minded men : All thole truend dreadful paffiges that fpeak fire and brimflone againft the .1/313dified, and threatned everlaRing torments, fhould be rafeout; ard you than find no _talk of damnation in the Scripture , I t: they : no talk of the worm that never dyetb, or the that never quenched, or of [ Departfrom me all ye worker qttity ; 1 know you not] or that [the 'way of the ungog(ball periJ J or that [ God doth laughat them, brcamfe he feetb.bat