Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

What Seighnefs andSelf-denyal are at the Root. their day II corning] Abundance of the Bible would be wiped out, if Carnalfelf had but the altering of it : Nay it would be quitemade new, and made a contrary thing : the Articles ofour Creed would be changed : the Petitions of our Rule for Prayer would be molt altered : every one of the ten Commandements wouldbe altered, as I than after thew. Idolatry should be no fin, but the principal Law ; for [elf would be let up as the Idol of the world : will-Iwo-1Np would be no fin ; menwould be held guiltlefs that take the name of God in vain : The Lords day should be a day of mirth and carnal pleafure : every Sublet% would be the Soveraign ; and every Inferiour the Superior ; Revengewould be made lawful for themfelves, though not for others : Fornication and Adultery would be no mortal fin ; Stealing would be made tolerable to themfelves ; it should be lawful to them to do any wrong to the name and reputation of another : in a word, every man would do what he lift, and his will thould be his Law, and himfelf fhould be his own Judge ; agentle tender Judge no doubt. Thus wouldft/f Rule. But fanelificationbrings men to Deny this Pelf ; and to lay down the Arms of Rebellion againfl God ; and to fee how un- fit we are toRule our felves ; that we are too foolifh, and finful, and partial to make Laws, and too partial alto and tender to execute them ; and that as we weremade to obey, fo obey we mull, and come again into our ranks, and willingly fubjeti our felves to the Soveraignof the world. Self denyal teacheth a man to hate his own Carnal wifedom and reafonings that rife up a gainfl the Laws of God ; and to Love them theworfe be- caufe they Are thus his own ; and to love the Laws of God the better, becaufe they are God's,and becaufe they are again(' his Carnal felf. The Ramps of God on them doth make them cur- rant with him, when if they had but the private fi mps of felf, he would difown them as counterfeit or treafonable. He bath indeed a flefh that is reflrained by Gods Laws, and {trivet!' againfl them ; but he thinks never the worfe of the Law for that, but approveth and liketh it in the inner man : and if he might have his choice, he wouldnot blot out one COmmande- men!, nor one Direction, nor one Article of Faith; nor a tittle of the Law, becaufe that felf is not the Choofer in him bat