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BeAfons of the Necefsity of Self-elemyal to falvation:- can take Chrifl for his Saviour that renounceth not fee: confi- dence, and is not willing to be laved from the Idolatry offi exaltation. No man can take Chria for his Miller or Teacher, that comes not into his fchool as a little chid, renouncing the guidance of Carnal.Pelf, and fenfible of his need of an hea- venly Teacher. No mancan take Chrift for his King and Lord, and give up himfelf to himas hisown and as his Subjed, that bath not learned to deny that [elf that claimes propriety and foveraignty in his (lead. There is no Antichrift nor falfe Chrift that ever was in the world, that doth more tally oppofeChrift, and refill him in all the parts of his office, then Carnal fel! It is this that will not {loop to his Righteoufnefs, or to his Gui- dance, and to his teaching and holy Government. Self is the Chrifi or Saviour of the world, as well as thefatfeGod. And therefore therecan beno falvation, where felf is not deny- ed and taken down. Real 4. He that believeth not in the Holy Ghoft, and tabeth An not for hie Santlifier, cannot be a true Offs:Ilion or be laved. man without this Pelf-denyal believeth in the Holy Ghoff and takfth him for his SanClifier : And therefore without this Self denyal no man can be a true. Chritlian or be faved. The very nature of fanalification corifilleth in the turning a man from himfelf to God : in deflroying felfiihnelt ' and de- voting the foul to God by Chrifl.And therefore it is pall difpute, - that none but the felf.denying are fandified : and therefore none but they do truly take the Holy Ghofl for their Sandifier, and truly believe in him. So far as men are in Love with the di feafe, its certain they will not ufe the Phyfitian. Real 5. No man is a true Chriflian and in a fiats of falva- tion, that denjeth, renounceth or rejeEeth the word of d, But all men that have notfelf-dergal ( that hear the word of God) do renounce, deny it or rejed it and therefore nolcian without fell' dos* is a true Chriflian or can be raved. In the Scriptures it is that we have eternal life : its they that mull make tos to falvation : the man that will be bleffed,mull meditate in them, day and night, Pfal. i .3. And it is not the hearers but the Doers of them that are bleffed. But nothing is more clear, then that the voice of Scripture called) aloud on all men to deny themfelves; and