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Beafons of the Neceffity of Selldenal to falvation. and that the fcope of it is to cry downfe/f, and Pet up God in Jefus Chrift. It is the very drift and meaning of it from end to end to cake down fe/f, and abate men in their own eyes, and bring them home to God fromwhom they are revolted. Real. 6. No man can be a Chriflian or be_lavedwithoutfaving Grace. But no man without fe/f-denya/ bath faving Grace. For it is the nature ofevery Grace to carry man from himfe 'fro God by Chrift. It is the work ofgodlyfarrow to humble proud man, and break the heart of carnalfelf. It is the work offaith, for afelf-denying foul to pals out for hope and life to Chrift.. It is the work of Love to carry us quite above our felves to that infinite goodnefs which we love : It is the nature of holy fear to confefs our guilt and infufficiency,and to furped our felves,and dread the fruit of our own wayes. Confidence doth bottom us upon God, and Hope it felf doth imply a Defpairing in our felves. Thankfulnefs doth pay the homage to him that bath faxed us fromour felves.And every grace bathfelf-deval as half its very life or foul: And therefore it is certain that no man hash any more grace thenhe bath felf-denyal. Reef. 7. They that rejeti the Minifiry and the fruit of All the Ordinances ofGod, arenot true Chriftiant, nor cannot belayed : But fo do all among us that have not felf-denyal. For the ufe of the Miniftry is to call home finners from them/dye/ to God. fihe ufe of every Ordinanee of God, is to get or keep down carnal-fe1f and exalt the Lord. Confe.11ion is nothingbut fell= abating : and be mat confetti that will have the faithful! and MI God to forgive him : for he that covereth his lin fhall not profpp. john I. 9. Prov. 28. 13. 'Prayer is a confeffion of our own emptinefs, infufficiency and unworthinefs, and a flying from ourfelves for helpunto another. In Baptifm we come as condemned prifoners for a pardon, as it were with ropes about our necks, and firip our felves of the rags ofour filthinefs that by the blood of the lambwe may be wafbed from our blood,and our fins may be buried as in the depth of che,Sea. Inahe Lords Supper we renew the fame Covenant, and receive the fame re- newed pardon ; and 11111 fly from ourfelves to Chrift for life ; and renounce our carnalfelves by folemn Covenant, as a peo- ple cominghome toGod. So that never was any Orlinance E of