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Zach.S.z. Ezech. z. I®. The Prßtfice of 'Piety, thefe dreadful' beginnings. Whileft he is thus fummoned to appease at the great A zes of' Gods Iudgement , behold,,a ,Quarter -Seons , and G aole- deliuery is held within him felf where Reafon fits as fudge, the `Diuell puts in a Rill of in- ditement, as large as that Booke of Zachary; wherin is alleadged all thy euill deeds, that euer thou hat committed and all the good deeds that euer thou haft onmit- ted, and all the cnrfes and iridge- ments, that are due to eucry fin. Thine owne confcience fhall ac- cufe thee, and thy Memory (hall giue bitter euidence, and Death I Rands at the Barre ready, as a cniell Executioner to di!patch thee. if thou (halt thus con - demne thyfcfl, how (halt thou efcape the u f{ condcrnnar_ion of God, who knower all thy mifdeeds better then thy felt° ? Faine wouldefl thou pest on t of thy minde , the remembrance of thy