Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The `PraRice of Piety. the Surine fhall be turned into darkeneffe , the Moone into blood , and the Starres fhall fall from h eauen, the (Aire {hall bee full of formes , and flafñing Meteors, the earth fhall trem- ble, and the Sea fhall mare, and mens hearts fhall faile for feare, expethng the end of fuch for-. rowfull beginnings : So towards the di j olattion of man, (which is the little world) his Eyes which are as the Surine and Moone lofe their lighti, and fee nothing but blood- guiltineffe of finne; the ref of the Sentes, as lo fer Starres , doe one after another faile and fall: his Minde, Reaf n, and Memory, as heauenly pois - ers of his foule, are fhaken with feareful formes of desaire,and , fierce flafhings of Hell- fire; his Earthly body begins to (hake and tremble , and the humours like an ouer-flowing Sea, roare and rattle in his throat, fill ex- I poing the woeful! ends of Ez the fer