Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The PraElice of `Piety. thy wicked' deeds, that trouble thee : but they flow faf er into thy remembrance, and they will not be put away , but cry vnto thee, We are thy worlZes, and we will follow thee: And whileft thy foule is thus within, out of peace and order; thy children, wife , and friends, trouble thee as faff, to haue thee put thy goods in order; fome crying, fome cra- ning, fome pitying, fore chea- ring; all like Flefh flies, helping to make thy forrowes morefor - rowf !l. Now the `Diuels, who are come from Hell to fitch a- way thy fate , begin to appease to her j and waite, as foone as 'bee comes forth, to take her, and carry her away. Stay thee would within, but that Thee feeles the body beginne by de- grees to dye: St ready, like a rui- noes houfe,to fall vpon her head. Feiarefull the is to come foorth, becaufe of' thofe Hell- hounds which Waite for her coniming. F.z n!, 77 Lu&,z z.zo.