Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

78 The PraFiice of Piety. Oh, thee that fpent fo many dayes and nights in vaine and idle paffimes, wouldnow giue the whole world, if the had it,for one honres delay, that the might bane (pace to repent, and recon- cile her felfe vnto God. But it cannot be , becaufe her Body which ioyned with her in the &Rion of fin, is altogether now vnfit to ioyne with her. in the exercifes of repentance; and re- pentance muff be of the whole man. Now five feeth that all her pleiafiures are gone , as if they had, neuer beene : and that but onely torments rernaine , whic neuer shall hue end of bet g. Who can fufficiently expr ffe her remorfe for her fins pail er angul, for her prefent Eery, and her terror for her torments to comp? In this extremity, fhe looses every where for helpe, and fhe finds her felfe every way heipe.. I lee. J