Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

7 be TraRice of `Piety: lefe. Thus in her greatefi mile- Ty (defirous to heare the leali word of comfort) thee directs this,-or the like fpeech vnto her Eyes: O Eyes,who in times past were fo quic4e- faghted, can yce s`ßie no corn firt , nor any way how I might efcape this dread - full danger ? But the eye Jirins are broken they cannot fee the candle that burneth:before him: nor ditcerne whether it bee day or night. The Soule (finding no com- fort in the Eyes) fpeakes to the Eares : O Eares , who were wont to recreate your felues, with hearing new pleafant d j co. rfes, and Mufickes fwecteft harmony ; can you heare any ne,re.s or tidings of the east có- fort for mee ? The Eaves are ei- ther fo deafe that they cannot heart at all,: or the fenfe of hea- ring is growne fo weake,that it cannot endure to heare, his dea- reft friends to ß eakÉ. And why E 4 íhould