Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

So The Prat lice of Tiety. fhould thefe eares heare any ti- dings of ioy in Dead , who could Heuer abide to heare the glad tidings of the Goffiell in his fiji ? The Fare can unifier no comfort. Then fhe intimates her griefe vnto the Tongue,. Oh Tongue who waft wont to bragge it out with the braueft,where are now thy big and daring words ? now in my greaten: neede) caníf thou fJieake nothing in my de- fence ? Cant thoi: neither daunt thefe Enemies with threatnin words, nor entreate them with faire :leeches? Alas, the Tongue two dayes agoe lay ffeechleffe it cannot in his greateß extre- mity, either call for a little drink, or defire a friend to ta4eaway with his finger the flegme, that is ready to choake him. Finding heere no hope óf helpe, fhe fpeaks vnto the Feet, Where are yee , O , f et, which fometitrte were to nimble in renal