Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The resflice of :Piety. ' 81 running., can you carry mee no where , out of this dangerous place ? The feete are fl one-dead already : If they be not f irr'd, they cannotf irre. Then the direc4s her fpeech vnto her hands : O hands, who haue beetle fo often approoued for man- hood,in peace,& warre, and wherewith I haue fo often defended my felf , and offen- ded my foes; neuer had I more need then now. `Death Iookes megrim in the face, & kits me. Hellífh fiends waite about my bed to deuoure me : helpe now or I perilh for euer. Alas, the hands are fo weake , and doe fo tremble, that they cannot reach to the mouth a J'oone foil of Gip- ping, to releeue languifhing. oa- ture. The wretched foule feeing: her felfe thus defolate, and alto- gether dehitute of friends,helpe and- cotnfort;and knowing that within are honre flee tß,ú bee E.5; in