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2 The Praíisce of `I'sety, The dole - full lamen. tation of the Repro. bate Soule at the point of death. L Sam4t f. in etterlafl ink mines, retires her fen to the heart (which of all members is primtim viuens, and vltinmm moriens) from whence fh.e makes this dolefallamentati- on with her felfe O miferable caitife , that I am I: How doe the Sorrowes of death comp. f e me r How doe the fiords of Behalm* me afraid ! How haue, indecde , the fnares both of the firt andfecond death ouertaken me at once ! Oh how fuddenly bath Death flolne vpon mee with infenfible de- grees ! Like the Sunne, which the eye per-ceiaes not to mooue, though it bee moil fwift of motion. How loth Death wracke on mee his ff ite, With -. out pity !, The GOD of mercy bath vtterlyforfaken mee: and the CDiuell, who knaves no mer -. ey, wakes for to take me. How often -haue I beene warned of this 4 iefill day; by the faithful' ?restchers of Gods Word, andrI made