Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

Ì r_ The Pr aftice of Piety. made but a iel thereat ? What profit haue I now of all my pride, fine hortfe, and bretue appa- rel! ? What's become of the fweete relifh of all my delicious fare ? All the worldly goods which I fo carefully- gathered,. would I now giue for a good Confcience, which I fo carelef ly neglec`Ied. And what joy re- maines now, of all my former flefhly pleafures, wherein I pla- ced my chiefe delight ? Thofe fcohlb pleasures were but de ceitfull dream es, and now they are pas} like vanifhing fbadowes. but to thinke of thofe eternal! paines, which I muff endure for thofe !host pleafiares, paines me as Hell, before I enter into Hell: Yet iuftly .I confeffe, as I haue deferued,: I am firmed ; that be- ing made after Gods Image, reafonable fowl , able to luck? mine owne è.&ate, and hauing mercy fo often offered, and. Fix- trait ed'to- receiue it ;. T negle- aed