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The I'raiiiae of Piety. te 1 Gods grace, and preferred rhe°pleafures of finne, before the religious care of ',leafing Gad: lewdly fpending cry ¡hors time, without confidering what ac- counts I fhould make at my /aft end. And now all the plea - fores of my lift being put toge- ther, counteruaile not the leaf part of my prefent paires. My Noyes were but momentany, and gone, before I could fcarce en- ioy them : my miferies are eter- nal!, and neuer fhall know end. Oh that I had fpent the houres that I confirmed in carding, cing,playing, and other vile ex- ercifes, in reading the Scrip- tures, in hearing Sermons, in re- ceining the Communion , in zree- ping fir my Pinnes in falling, watching, praying, and in prepa- ring my foule, that I might haue now departed in the affured hope of euerlaffing faluation 4`' O that I were now to begrnmy feagaiw .° how wo d. I con -.