Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

I The Traelice of Piety, temne the world, and the i- ties thereof I how religiously and purely would I leade my life 1 how would I frequent the Church, and fanaifie the Lords Day ! If Satan íhbuld offer me all the treafures, pleafures, and promotions of this world, hee fhouldneuer entice mec to for get thefe terrors of this laí 'dreadful' houre. But, O corrupt carafe , and stinking carrion!" How hath the Diuell deluded vs? and how haue we fcrued and' deceiued each other ? and pulled ftri ft dam ,ation vpon vs both ? Now is my cafe more mifera- ble, then the Nall- that perifh- eth in a ditch: for I muí} goe to a, f ere before the Iudgement Pate of the righteous Iudge of Heaucn and Earth ; where I íhall haue none to fpeake for me: and these wicked f ends,who- are pricy to all my euill deeds, will/sec/0 rrk, and I cannot ex- .ctufemy felfeeMy owne heart d- read