Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

86 The,Praflicc ofPiety, ready condemne me, I muff needs therefore bee damned before his Iaadgement feat:and from thence'¡ be carried by thefe inftrndl } fends, into that horrible prifon of enditife torments, and utter darkenef»c `where I (hallnetter more'fee,light, that firft moft excellent third that God made. I who gloi ed heretofore , in being a libertine,am now indoz,ed in -the very clawes of Satan : as I the trembling .Partridges with- in the griping talons of the rane- nous Palcon.VV here that I lodge to night ? and who (hall be my 1. companions? Oh horroar to [ thin ke! O griefs to confider!. Oh. curled bee the day wherein I was borne , and let not the day where- in my mother bare mee,be blefed: 1Corfidbee _the Alan that f7 ems: edmy Father, fEaying , A Child tù borne unto thee , and coafir- tedhim. Curled bee that Man, lbecarf he flew me note Oh.:yhat my. Mother might hare. Beene my t