Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The?raRice of `Piety. my graue or her wombe perpe- tuall conception ! How is it that I came firth of the wombe, en- dure thefe hellifh f rrowes ! and that my dayes f fould thin end with eternall fbarne ! Curled be the day that I was firft vnited, to fo l &wde a body : 0 that I had but %o much fauoui , as that I might neuer fee thee more! Our parting is bitter & dolefull : but our meeting againe, to receiue at that dreadful! day, the fumes of our dcferuedvengeance, will bee farre more terrible and in- tolerable. But what mane I thus ( by too late lamentation)to feeke to prolong time ? My- lag hours is come: I heare the heart- frirings°brlake this filthy Houf of Clay fats on my read.:.heerc is neither hope, helps, nor place, of any longer abiding. And muff I needs be gone? Thoufl- thy carkaf e Oh filthy carkaf fe, with fare -ill farewell, i-leaue j thee : And, fo all - trembling ,. isms,