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88 The Praft?Ce of 'Piety. íhee commeth firth, and ßrtb- with is feized vpon by Inf rnall fiends , who carry her with a, violence torrenti fimili, to the bottomleffe Lake that burneth Apcc. iì.$. with fire and brimf one : where iudç ver.6. fliee is kept as a prifoner in tor- z Pet. 3.ßv.1 meats, till the generall Iudge- mentofthegreatDay. The lothfoine carka f fe is af- terwards laid in the gratte. In which a `hon for the moll part, . the dead bury the dead , that is, They who are dead in (inne, bu- ry them,. who are dead for fin. And thus the godlerfe, and vn- regenerated worldling , who. mad y Earth his 'Paradife ; his Belly his God ; his Luf "his Law: as in his lit he fowed vanity, 'lò bee is now dead , and reapeth rifery. In his profierity he neg- 1efted to ferne God : In his ad- tterfty God refufeth to faire him. And the Distell,, whom Flee long ferued',y now -at length:. payer him his wages. Detef able was 1