Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The Pratiice of Piety. was his life, damnable his death. The `Díuell hath his foule, the grace hath his car .0 : in which pit of corruption, den of death, and dungeon of forrow, let vs kaue the miferable Cait f , rot - ting with his mouth full of earth, his belly full of wormes, and his carcaífe full of (tench ; expeaing a feareful refurreltion, when it (hall be re-vnited with the foule ; that as they finned together, fo they may be eter- nally tormented together. This farre of the miferies of the foule and body in death , which is but curfedne ffe in part: now followes the Alma of cur- fedne f fe : which is the mifery of the foule and body after death. Meditations of the Waif ry of a pian after death , which is the fiilnefe o f curfedneffe. He. fäalneffe of curlednefe (wh n it Lals vpon a crea- ture