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90 The Pranice of Piety. a Luk.8,38. & E6.z3. b. ncef.i.To- e NlarWa3, 33. ALuke s6. Y2,3A Pet. ;.19. lude v.6.7. Alts 7,5. tore, not able to beare the brunt thereof) pre(feth him downe to that bottomleffe a deepe of the endleffe b wrath of' eAlnaighty God: which is called the e dam- nation of hell. This fulnefe of curfedneffe is either particular or generall. 'Particular , is thatwhich in a leffe meafure of fulneffe, teth vpo't the d foule immedrat- ly, as foone as Thee is feparated from the body. For in the very inflant of diffolution, fhe is in the fight and prefence of God. For when Thee ceafeth to fee with the organe of flefhly eyes, fhee'feeth afìé a fpirituall man- ner, like Stephen, who faw the glory of God,--and lefts f anding at his right hand : or, as a man, I who being blind borne , and rni- raculoully refrored to his fight, íhould fee the Sonne, which he neuer faw before. And thew, by' ii the tefliraony of her owne Con - L f lance , Chr l the righteous_. Iodge,