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The Prat-lice of Piety, I Judge, who knoweth all things, m..aketh her , by his ornniprefent power, to vnderftand the doome and Iudgement that is due ve- to her fumes, and what muff bee her eternall firate. And in this manner handing in the fight of Heauen, not fit for her vnclean- net to come into heauen; fhe is faid to fraud before the Throne of God. And fo forthwith the is carried by the euill angels, who came to fetch her with violence into Hell, where thee is kept as in a Prifon, in euerlafting pains and chains, vnder darkenes,vnto the I#dgerent of the grert Day: But not in that extremity of tor- 91 P ohtram nima áe cor - pore ell egret: fa: jubito lu dictum Ebri- pii de Plate cognófcit, Aug. di.i.d¢ a nim,& eiva prig.eap.4. Hi:r,Epa ad Pannal.Ani ma damnata cötinuoinua. ditur a Dæ- rsionibui, qui -crradediffmc eam capretes ad infernum deáueunt , Ciril. Alex. exit.anim. ments, which fh,fe -íhall finally Mat.5.34. receiue at the laft Day. I and z;.zt. The generall fiilnefie cf cur- Luke fe is in a Cffreater meáfare Luke i6.;ax. s x1et.3.19. Iwde ver,,7. Luke 16.14. Luke 1.3 i. e a Pet.4.9. ` lude verf.6, lodge Apnea I 8, f Dan.iz.i. loin 5.18,I9. of faslneffe, which (hall be ibfli- &ed vpon both thy f Saule and Body, when by the mighty power of Chrift ( the fuprem