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Apo.2.o. Mat. 14.2.9 Luk. t. Z4, 2f Ì The dam - ned foules Apoßrophe to her body at their fe- cond mee- ting. ?"he o f gliety. Judge ofheauenn and earth) the one !hall bee _ brought out of Hell, and the other out of the Grave as Prifoners, to receive their dreadful doome , accor- ding to their cuill deeds. How (hall the Repróbate, by the roa- ring of the Sea, the quaking of the Earth, the trembling of the Powers of H; -auen , and ter - rours of Heamenty fignes bee driuen at the worlds end , to their wits end ! Oh,what a wo- full falutation will there be, be- twixt the damned Soule and To- d,' , at their re-vniting at that terrible day ! O finke of Sin, O lumpe of Pilthineje ( will the Sank fay unto her Body) how am I com- pelled to re -enter vnto thee, not as vnto an Ha.bitatii to re.ft; but as 'a Prifon to be tormented together ! How do thou ap- peare in my fight like Iepthes Daughter, to my greater tor- ment ! Would God thou hadit perpe-