Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The 'PraFtsce of Piet.y, perpetually rotted in the graue, that I might neuer haue feene thee againe ! How f hall we bee confounded together , to heare before God, Angell, and Men, lay open all thofe f cret finnes, which we committed together !, Haue I loft beaten, for the lone' of fuck a ftinking carrion ? Art thou the flefh, for whofe plea- (ores I haue yeelded to commit fo many Fornications? O filthy Belly, how became I fucha f ore as to make thee my God? How mad was I for moment-any ioyes, t incurre thcfe torments of eternall paines ! Yee Rocks and Mountaines, why skip ye fo like Rammes Pfal. 114.4. and will not fall upon me, to hide see from) the face of him , that comes to fit on yonder Throne; fir the great Day of his wrath is come, and who !hall be able to hand ? Apoc. I 6.1 6,r7. why- trembleft thou I thus, O Earth, at the prefence of; the Lord, and wilt not open thy mouth,