Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The ?make ofP iety. mouth, and fwallow me vp ,; as thou did(} Kor h,that Ibe feene no more. O damned furies ! I would ye might, without delay, team me in pieces, on condition that you would teare me vnto nothing ! But whilcft -thou art thus in vaine bewayling thy mifery; the cAngels hale thee violently a- way from the brinke of thy graue, to fome place neere the Tribunall feat of Chsifl; where Fbeeing as a curfed Goate, fe- parated to 'land beneath, on Earth, as on the left hand of the Iudge: Chrift (hall rip vp all the i benefits hee bellowed on thee, and the torments he fuffered for thee , and all the good deeds which thou haft omitted, and all the vIratefull villanies which thou didi commit again(f him and his holy Loves. Within thee thine owne con cience ( more then a thouCand witnefîes ) (hall accrsf thee : the'