Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The Pr4Rice of Piety. 95 the Diuels who tempted thee to all thy lewdneffe , {hall: on the one fide teftifie with thy confcience again thee : and on the other fide, (hall fland the Holy Saints and Angels appro- uing Chri f s Tuflice, and dete- fling fo filthy a Creature. Be- hind thee an hydeous noyfe of innumerable fellowe -damned Reprobates tarryingfor thy com- pany . Re fore thee all the world h burnin in flaming fire. Abotte thee an irefull Judge ofdeferued vengeance ready to pronounce his fentence vpon thee. Beneath I thee, the fiery and fulphureous mouth of the bottomleffe pit, ga- ping to receive thee. In this wofi ll eftate, to hide thy felfe, will bee impoffîble (for on that conditiô, thou wouldelf i with that the greater Roche might I fall upon thee :) to. appeare will bee intolerable, and yet thou !null fland foorth , to receive with other Reprobates this thy fentence .e._._. b AnfeIEn, lib,meditat. i Apoc.6. I6,I7.