Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The Praftice of Ficty f ntenee: Depart from me, ye cur fed, into esderlajting fire, prepared fir the dinell and hid angels. Bonauenr. 1 Depart flan) one] there is of - SpaPent. partition from all ioyand happi- Sernn,z neífe. Ye casrfed ] there is a blacke and direfull Excommunication. Into fire] there is the cruelty of patine. euerI4ing ] there is the per - petuity of punifhrnent. Prepared for the Dinell and hid angels .] Heere are thy inf r- nall tormenting, and tormented companions. 0 terrible fentence ! from ' which the condemned cannot el-Cape : which being pronoun- ced , cannot poffibly be with-! flood : againft which a man can- not except;& from which a man can no where appeale. So that to 1, the damned, nothing remaines but hellifh torments , which knowes neither cafe of Paine,' nor end oftinie. Fre) this lodge- mew-