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Dedicatory. ces, and People to f udie, than that which. teacheth , finfinll man to deny himfelfe, by. mortifying his.corruption : that bee may en- ioy Chriff, the Author of hit f l- uation : To rénounce thefe falfe and momentany pleafures of the world, that bee may attain° to the true and eternall ioyes of Heauen: and to make them truely honourable be fire God in Piety, who are now onely honorable be- fire men An vanity? What char- ges f euer wee Mend in earthly vanities fir the moll part they either dye before vs, or wee íhortly dye after them:but trrhatr wee fi end like Mary in. the Pra- }ice of Piety , fliall remaine our true memoriall fey ever, For a Piety path the promife of this life, and of that which thall ne- uer end. But b without Pietie there ù no internail comfort to bee found in Confcience, nor cx- ternall p °ace to bee looked for . th \y odd , nor any eternall hap- _ t Mat.xe.z;, a t Tim.¢ 3: ' Principibua adfalutem fa1.t fat ve-- ra e,ft pietas, ahfilue idla vero nihil eI3 ved exercitus v.1 impera .. iorLs fortitua do,vel appa- tus reliquus, Zozorn. EccI,hi(. Iib.y.cap.