Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The Pratlice of Piety. 97 ' ment fate, thou mu be thn& AQoc zr,8, by Angels, (together with all the damned ¶Diu& and Repro- bates ) into the bottomle fe Lake et utter darkenes, that per etu- ally burnes with and brim- Bone. Whereunto as thou (halt be thruft , there (hail bee filch weeping, waeí, and wailing,that the cry ofthe company of Core, Dathan,and eAbiram,when the earth fwallowed themvp, was nothing comparable to this howling:nay,it will feeine vnto thee a Hell, before thou goeft into Hell, but to heare it. Into which bottomles Lake, after that thou art once plun- ged , thou (halt euer bee falling downe, and neuer meet a bet- tome and in it thou (halt euer lament,and none (hall pitty thee thou (halt aiwayes weepe for paine ofthefare,&yergn4 thy teeth for the extremity ofceld : thou (halt weepe to thinke,that thy m' °,Ties are paß remedie : thou