Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

Sonauent. The Praltice of Piety. thou fhalt weepe to thinke, that to repent is to no purpofe: thou (halt weepe to thinke, how for the fhadows of fhort pleafures, thou haft incurred thefe for- roves of eternal' pines : thou j (halt weepe to fee, how that! weeping i feWe can nothing pre - uaile ; yfa in weeping, thou (halt weepe more teares, then there is water in the fea;for the water of the fea is finite, but the weeping ofa Reprobate {hall be infinite. There thy Lalriuious Eies 'Eat be affli&ed with fights of' gaff ly IIirits, thy curious Eares (hall bee affrighted with hideous noyfe of howling Diuels, and the gnafhing teeth of damned Re- probates : thy dainty IVofe (hall be cloyed with noifome (tench of Sulphur : thy delacate7aße (hall bee pained with intolera- ble hunger : thy drunken Throat ¡hall 'bee parched with vn- quenchable thirft ;- thy Mande (hall be tormented, to think