Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

( The Treaice of Iliety. how for the toue of abortitte pleafirer, which peri('hed ere they budded ; thou fo foolifhly loft Heauens ioyes, & incurredf hetlejlt pains which laff be- yond eternity. Thy Confcience (hall euer fling thee like an Ad- der, when thou thinkeft how often Chrift by his Preachers offered thee remi,,ron of fins, and the Kingdom of Helen freely veto thee, if thou wouldeft but beleeue and rep ent; and how calr- ly thou mighteft haue obtained' mercy in thole daies; how fheere thou waft many times to haue repented, and yet didíf fuller the Diuell and the World, to keepe thee (fill in impenitency, and how the day of mercy is now pall, and will neuer datvne againe. How fhall thy vndcrftacdin be racked, to conii&r, how for momentanie riches thou haft loft the eternali Treafìrre, and changed heauens felicity, for hels mifery ! where euery part i F 2 di