Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

I 00 ..---- The Prat ice of 'Piety. of thy body without intermif lion of pain, fhallbe continual - ly tormented alike. In there Hellifii torments thou fhalt be for euer depriued of the ¶eàttficall fight of God, wherein confifts the foueraigne good, and life of the foule,Thou (halt neuer fee light , nor the teal ighr of ioy, but lie in a per- petual) Prífox of utter dar(enes: where fhall bee no order, but horror: no voice, but of blafJihe_ biers and bowlers : no noife, but of tortures and tortured no fo- eiety , but of the D iuell ánd his I angels , who being tormented themfelues, (hail haue no other eafe, but to wreake their fury in tormenting thee: Where f hall bee punífbment, without pity : mifery, without mercy forrow, i Without flavour : crying, with- out comfort : mifchi°l without meat re : torment without exfe: Macke 9, where the Worme dyeth not, and the fire ís newer quenched : where