Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The mrratlsce of Piet?, IOI the wrath of God íhall feaze vp . on thy foule and Body, as the flame of fire cloth on the lumpe of 'Pitch, or Ermftone. In which flame thou f hair euer bee burning, and neuer con/umed: 1 euer dying,and neuer dead, euer roaring in the pangs of death, and neuer rid of thofe pangs , nor knowing end of thy pains. So that after thou haft endured them fo many thoufand yeeres, as there are gr,t fe on the earth, or foils on the Seafhoare s thou art no neerer to haue an end of I thy torments, then thou waft the firft day that thou waft cafe into them : yea fo farre are they from ending, that they are euer but beginning. But if after a thourand times fo many thoss. find yeeres , th y damned foule 1 could but conceiue a hope, that thofe her torments ihould haue an end :this would be fosse corn- ; fort to thinke, that at length] an end will come. But as oft as the F3 rind