Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

102 The Praflice of Piety. Minde thinketh of this word Neuer, it is another Hell, in the middeft of hell. This thought (hall force the damned to cry, ova; ;rat, as much as ifthey fhould fay, 6.d,,oax xti, O Lord , not ewer, not euer tor- ment vs thus. But their confci- enees fhall anfwer them as an Eccho, a,i oì euer euer, Hence /hall arife their doleful! onai, woe and alas for euermore. This is that econd death, the general/peril frilne f fe of all cur- fidget and mifery : which euery damned Reprobate muff fufer, fo long as God and his Saints (hall enjoy bli f fe and ilicitie in Heauen for euermore. Thus farre of the mifcry of man in his fíate of corruption, vnleffe that he be renewed by Grace in Chrift. Now fallowes the knowledge of Mans fef, in refpec`f of his ftate of regeneration by Chrift. 1TMdL