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The Prafliee of `Piety. Meditations of the fate of a Chri/iian reconciledto God in Chrf. NOW let vs fee, how happy a godly man is, in his flare of renovation, being reconciled to God in Chrifi. The godly man, whole cor- rupt nature is renewed by grace in Chrifr, and become a new creature , is blef ed in a three- fold refpec4. Fir(, in his life. Secondly, in his death. Thirdly, after death. r. His blef ednefJe duringthis life, is but in part, and that con- flits in feuen things. 2. Becaufe he is conceiased of the a Spirit in the wombe of llis b Mother the Church : and is c borne, not of blood, nor of the will of the fe'h, nor of the will of Man, but of God, who in Chrfl, is his d Father : So that the e /- image of God his Father, is re- F 4 newed a lohn ;.s. bGal.4>16. cIdmà.t3. d Ga1.4.6,7 z Cor. 9.8. e Ep6. 4.1a 3213.