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10 r The Prarlice of P¡ct . renewed in him euery day more and more. s. He hash, for the merits of Chrils fufferingr, alibis Pinnes , originall and atlgall with the gtiilt and punifhment belonging to them, f freely and fully fär- giuen vnto him ; and all the g righteoufnes of Chrif1,as freely and fully imputed vntohim and fo God is h reconciled vnto him: and i approoueth him as r¡ghte- osu in his fight and account. 3. He is freed from Satan/ k bondage, and is made a ; brother of Chriíf, afllozw m haire of his heauenly Kingdom° : and all)i-. ritunll n Kirk and Prief, to of- fer vp o f frirituall faacrifices to God by Iefus Chrif 4. God fpreth him, as a man i areth hù orne fonne, rh t f ier- ueth him. And this fparing con - fií}s, ii R0:11.4.89 `5 ROM- 8.1,2. y Pet. 2.2.4. ., g (Zom.4.5, 19. Th t Cor.f. fi9. i ïZ031.8.33, '4. k.Att.t6.t8 Eph a.s. Rom8.i6. X Koni.80.7 n Apoc.I 6. Pet 24. `Ma1.3. t7. In