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The Traiice of Piet, 105 ------- r 1. Not taking notice of c- uery fault, but bearing with his infirmities, Exod. 34.6,7. Alouing father will not cal} his child out of doores in. his fickneffe. 2.. Not making his ptenifh_ ment when he is chat e- ned, as great as his de. ferts,`Pfal. I o 3 . To. 3. Chagening him mode- rately , when hee feeth that hee will not 6y 47 other meanes bee reciat- med, z Sam, 7.1 4,1 S. I Cor. I 1.3 2. 4. Gracioußy acceptimg his enelearao mr,not wvithfan . Y.. ding the impeife9ion of his obedience and fo preferring the wsl4 lingn:: e of his mi nde,G before the worthine fJe of iris w orke,., i Cor48.. Iz. S. Turning the curies Fs whi:} in