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106 í The `7'raflíce of Piety, I r which heedeferued, to ' a Rom 8.18 1 croe,j and fatherly Car.. reFfiont; yea all a thing; b Pfal.89, all b ealamitie, of this 31'33' 1. life ,e itfelf Pfa.119.71. x a yea,. s Heb.l z. io. . his very fsnnes, vnto his a coni 2..7. good. c zCor.3.2z S. God giues him his EMI 8415 '5 4'55 ' Heb l.lá,i5 Spirit, which cl Luke zx. r 1 eS,tnixi faeth him by de- 31,32. grecs throughout:. ffo Pf 51-13;14 that hee doth more and Ro. 5. zo,z a e iThe4.z3; f tto.8 g,go; gIdum.8q16.. b Heb. 4./ 6. EpheC; . l z, Gai 4.6. Ro.8.1 f,16 Zach.u-ó a.d more die to fin, and lime . to righteoufneffe. z eXprssre, him of his gadeption, and that he is by Grace the Cbildde o goad, 3 Encaarageth him to come with h boldnes,and 1 cenfidemce, into the pre , fence of God. 4 Mouetb him without feare , to fay usato him, 4bba Father. 5 Ptreth into hishart the gift of fans i f ed praier. 6. Per-