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The Pratíice o f Piety. I07 6, Perfiradeth him , that Born. 846, both he and his prayers 27. are accepted and heard of God for Chrift his Mediators fake. f I Peace of con- R°m -5. i.' fcience. and a4.17> a IIyti in the Iq..i7g 7 Fïls Holy Ghoft : in him 4 comparifonwhere- with of all Earthly L Dyes feeme vile and vaine veto Lhïtn'a 6. He bath a recouery of bis a roueraignty Doer the creatures, a rC8 >Y,&c, which hee loft by Adams fall: Hcb. 2,7,8. & from thence free b liberty of b' Coe>9 I vfing all thins which God Rom`t4'; i T317] >!> by bath not C refiratned, fo that &c> bee may vie them with good e t Corgi g,. d conf icnce. For to all things in 19,2r. Heauen and Earth , bee bath d i Cor+ a lïsre'c title in this life: and bee Heb.1 Mall haue the plenary and Y ` e z Coe, ;:zs . peaceable f pejfeffien of them f mac.15,,,+. inthe life to come.. Hence it t Pcu.a: is,