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g Ats a.25. rile 'Pra ice of Piet r. is, that all Reprobates are but sr- furpers ofall that they poffeffe, and haue no (g) place of their owne but Hell i. He bath the i uraict of Gods Fatherly care and prote- lion, day and night otter him ; which care coni{Ieth in three things. f z. In prouiding all things necefary for his Soule and Body , concerning. this life,and that which isto come : fo that he MU. ß.3F. 'hall be fare euer, either aCor.c . as to haue enaugh: or pati- fal.F3. ence to be content with ° that he bath. . In that God glues his Holy cAngelr as .Mini- ferr,a=charge,tu attend upon him aiwayes for hisgood: yea, in danger, . to pitch their tents es lricb.t. bout hits fir hù fifty,. gra1;34.. where -ever he be. Yea,. 8falo9> $i Gods pr'ctellion íhal de-- fend'