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i rya rrciwe aj 'setya fend him as a cloud I Tray 4 3. by day, and as a pillar of Iob fire by night : and his prouidence jhall hedge him Pont the power of the D moll. 3. Tn that the eyes of the Pra134Tr Lord are vpoh him, and his eares continually o- pen, to fee hi Elate, and to hear.' hi3 complaint ; and in his goodtime,to ( deli= him out of all. Pr';4'r° his troubles. Thus farre of the bleffed e- ftatc of the godly, and Regene- rated man in this life Now of his bleffed etate in death. 2. Meditottiónr áf the bleffed ette of a regenerate man ros his death, Hen G >d fends Death Y V as his Ale cr for the regenerated "nun, he meetes . him the way to, Heauèny. for i