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3 0. k The `Pratice of Piety. á Phi11;3 A ' for his a conmerfation, and b a f- Co1.3.2. `. fiaiofa is there before him. Death is neither ffrangc, nor ;mare frill veto him. Not .range, c i Cord S. becaufe he e dieddai ly ; not f ar- 3I. fill, becaufe whileft bee Hued, he was dead ; and his life was d C0L3.3 d hid with Chri(l in Gad. To die veto him therefore , is nothing s Aeoc.a 4. ¡ elfe in effete but to .g raft from hit labour in this word, to goe ti f z Cor.s.6 f home to his z Fathers hooawfe, f b rìg John t 4. eb. z z.. vnto the h City of the lining God, I Lz &c. , the heauen y Ieruf lem , to an in- ' numerable companie of e4ngels, to the generall afembly and Church ofthe firft borne, to God; the Judge of all , and to the Spi rits of ius.fl men made perfid ,. and to Iefus the Mediatour of the, New 7efiamest. Whilea his 1 Body is fick, his Mind is found : i P tah.4I. for, God i maketh afl his bed in his fickenef °e, and ftrengtheneth him with faith and patter e , upon his died of forrow. And when bee beginnes to enter inter