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The PraElice of Piety. tit into the way of all the world ; he giueth (like m Iacob; Mof s; and Jr4k st) to his. Children and friends, godly exhortations ande counfeis, to ferne the true God, to worfhip him,truely all the dales of their life. His ble f d foule breathing nothing but blejfings , and filch fpeeches as fauoura fan6ifted jjirit. As his outward man decaieth, fo his in- ward man increafeth,and waxeth f£ronger.W hen theipeech of his tongue f xltreth , . the frghes of his heart i eake :order vnto G 0'7? : when the ,fight of the Lies faileth, the Holy Ghof illu- minares him inwardly with a bundaziée of ff iritl.11liTht. His foule feareth not, n but is bold to Toe out of the body , and todweh` with her Lord. He figheth- out with o T.aul,C("pi° dif J'oloi . Ide_ fire to be e r¡forued, and to bee with Chrif And with o Acid, e4s the Hart panteth dfrer the water- broke: m fo pant eth my fide after thee,. m ven.49. n a Cor.5.8, o Phit,i.d3, pPrt.4, ,..